Bootstrapped Security Practices for Startups and Mature Businesses

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Latacora does just one kind of engagement: we bootstrap security practices. That means we join your company virtually, create a security practice, and run it. As your company matures, we'll make sure that practice matures with it. When it makes sense for you to bring some (or all!) of your security capabilities in-house, we'll help you make those hires.


Services We Offer

We provide long-term support, so you have what you need to grow.
  • Corporate ("IT") security
  • Application Security
  • Server/deployment
  • Cloud/infrastructure security
  • Environment security
  • Network security
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Best Fit

Latacora is not a great fit for every business. We take on just a few clients, and work with them for a long time. We try to be careful about who we work with.

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Our Process

Latacora is not a conventional security firm - we work with businesses at all stages of growth, provide a complete gamut of services, and we're in it for the long haul.

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